Out in Tech hosted “What’s In Your Portfolio” in February 2021, an event that went through three portfolios reviewed by a mix of those on the hiring side for UX design roles. The live review aimed to provide candid feedback from those whom our portfolios are normally directed at, and ideally, would impress!

Many of the great tips shared during the panel echoed the feedback I heard when I was also putting my own portfolio together after finishing my UX bootcamp with Careerfoundry in 2019. Though the portfolios reviewed were from those seeking entry-level or internship roles, these tips can…

Frank Gehry sketching
Frank Gehry sketching
Source: MasterClass, Frank Gehry: Teaches Design and Architecture

I took MasterClass’s course with Frank Gehry to understand the world of architecture, and ended up learning more about human-centered design and UX principles. For those who don’t know, MasterClass is an online resource that features industry leaders speaking on topics of which they are experts. For example, you can learn about filmmaking with Martin Scorsese, or cooking with Alice Waters, among many others. I decided to go with Gehry’s as it was the course most directly correlated to design that I could find.

Frank Gehry, notable architect responsible for Walt Disney Concert Hall and any building that looks like…

What is the Creative Jam?

Last week, Adobe hosted their a Creative Jam, a weekend-long event where teams work to address a project brief provided by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. I participated in the jam back in 2019, and was expecting a similar structure. For those unfamiliar, the Creative Jam normally takes place in-person where participants create a concept based on a theme set by the event judges. At last year’s Jam in Los Angeles, the theme was “A Little Bit Spicy.” The open-ended theme gave way for a variety of ideas, from food apps to body modification. …

Katherine Lu

UX/UI Designer, terrible with plants (she/her) Learn more about me at lukatherine.com

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